Experiences and Events

At our Painted Cellar we offer the possibility to host a range of events. Our spacious territory and cosy terrace with an unmatched view of the surrounding area can provide an unforgettable experience

Let us know about your event


Throughout the year, the Painted Cellar is the perfect spot for a stop to enjoy our wines in good company. The atmosphere created by the surrounding wine fields and bespoke nature is unparalleled anywhere in the region. We guarantee that our staff and facilities will make the organisational side of an event hassle-free so you can relax and enjoy the experience.


We offer teambuilding getaways for teams, and are experienced in building connections between colleagues. You can either come to us directly or we can drive out and pick up you and your team at any convenient place. In any case, let us know through the contact form and we will make sure you have the best teambuilding event possible.

Fully Catered Parties

A party for any occasion is welcome at the Painted Cellar. We offer catering services for a party of any size, with food, drinks and interesting insights about the surrounding area - everything necessary to soak in the unique setting. Winetasting is included with every party if you choose us to provide you with catering for the event.

Weddings and Private Occasions

The Painted Cellar, through connection with local hotels and accomodation providers, can organise an event of any complexity with full catering. With us you can rest assured that your special occasion will go as planned and that you and your guests will be happy. To make your special occasion truly special we can organise a series of activities, including sightseeing. And of course, for every special occasion we offer a range of special wines.